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From Scott O'Bryan <>
Subject Re: [Portlet] Support for WSRP ?
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 16:55:04 GMT
I'm expecting that as of JSR-286 though, we should even be able to 
support popups in a wsrp environemnt.  :)

Anyway, think of it this way.  WSRP is a web-services layer.  JSR-168 is 
the container.  Typically Portlets are run under WSRP though the JSR-168 
container.  The only difference is that these portlets exist in a 
"remote" environment and go though a webservice layer before they are 
sent to the browser.  The intention of JSR-301 is to support JSR-168 
both locally and remotely (via WSRP). 

All the work I've done with Trinidad, so far, has been on a remote 
(WSRP) enabled portal and I know that Martin has done some extra work on 
local portals.  So Martin's assessment is totally correct.  In theory 
the two environments are not much different other then the "local" 
paradigm allows you to exploit some "tricks" to get around limitations 
in the spec.  WSRP does not play nicely with most of these "tricks" but 
should offer the same capabilities from a container standpoint.

Make sense


Martin Marinschek wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> the portlet bridge has nothing in it which wouldn't work with WSRP.
> Trinidad, with PPR and popus disabled, will also work in a WSRP
> environment.
> I have written some extensions (not open sourced yet) so that you can
> also use PPR and popups in a portlet environment, these extensions
> won't work with WSRP.
> regards,
> Martin
> On 11/22/07, Matthias Wessendorf <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> does Trinidad or the portlet brigde support WSRP ?
>> Or does it "only" support 168 ?
>> Or is 301 also about WSRP ?
>> Thx,
>> Matthias
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>> Matthias Wessendorf
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