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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject external api change OK for myfaces-impl 1.2.1?
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 17:00:47 GMT
The LifecycleProvider interface was introduced in MyFaces core 1.2.0  
as an integration point that allows Java EE containers to handle  
annotation processing for JSF managed beans.  In order to help  
containers invoke @PostConstruct methods more consistently with the  
Java EE RI (glassfish) we are discussing changing this API in:

I attached a patch (MYFACES-1761-01.diff) to that JIRA that would  
change a method signature from :
    LifecycleProvider.newInstance(String className)
    LifecycleProvider.newInstance(ManagedBean beanConfig)

The only known implementer of the LifecycleProvider interface  
(outside of MyFaces itself) is the Geronimo project, which is in  
favor of this change.   Are there any concerns with changing this  
external api in the upcoming 1.2.1 maintenance release?

BTW, this patch also refactors ManagedBeanBuilder into  
ManageBeanInitializer so that the existing code in that class can  
still be used to initialize managed properties.   Unless I am  
mistaken ManagedBeanBuilder was not intended to be externally  
overridden or extended, so refactoring it should not affect our users.

Best wishes,

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