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From "Andrew Robinson" <>
Subject [Trinidad] Create a 1.2 trunk
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:51:14 GMT
This has been brought up in the past (1.2 trunk), but it is again a
hot topic here at oracle for applying trinidad patches.

Currently we have in SVN:

The problem with this structure is that there is a window between a
trunk release and a branch release where there is no place for
development on the 1.2 branch. Take now for example:

1.0.3 (Released)
1.0.4-SNAPSHOT (Trunk - dev)
1.2.3-SNAPSHOT (branch - pre-release)

There is no 1.2.4 area for people that are making 1.0.4 changes to
apply to the 1.2 branch.

Would ppl. be in support of an SVN re-architecture for the following
general structure?
(snapshot version)
(snapshot version)
(created for pre-release)
(created for pre-release)

The build/api/impl folders could be directly below these folders. Example:



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