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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [orchestra] getting ready for a release
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2007 07:40:11 GMT

Yep, I think we've overseen something here.

Simon, the ConversationManager to use depends on the used 
FrameworkAdapter, but you can have multiple FrameworkAdapters in use in 
your application.
e.g. one for the local stuff, one for JSF, and in an mixed environment, 
one for Servlets/JSP which means, we can't have a global configuration here.

I tried to allow to inject the instance of a ConversationMessager into 
the FrameworkAdapter by introducing an AbstractFrameworkAdapter and fill 
in the required configuration using injection. I've tried it by keeping 
our magicBeans map, but I think now it comes a little bit complicated to 
achive all this. At least the code no longer looks that nice.

I'd ask if we couldn't switch to the already discussed abstract basis 
class for the FrameworkAdapter stuff where we could have a simple 
get/setConversationMessager pair with an default value setted up by the 
inherited class.
Still, it might be required to go back to the ConversationMessager init 
parameter to configure the default as we can't inject something into the 
e.g. JsfFramworkAdapter.


> Simon, below is my LocalFrameworkAdatper configuration due your latest
> changes
>   <bean id="localFrameworkAdapter"
> class="org.apache.myfaces.orchestra.frameworkAdapter.local.LocalFrameworkAdapter"
> autowire="byName"
>     scope="prototype" />
>   <!-- ConversationMessager def needed because we are using the special
> LocalFrameworkAdapter. -->
>   <bean
> name="org.apache.myfaces.orchestra.conversation.ConversationMessager"
> class="org.apache.myfaces.orchestra.conversation.basic.BasicConversationMessager"/>
> is there another more nature way ? like some thing I can inject into
> LocalFrameworkAdapater?
> Mario Ivankovits wrote:
>> Hi Simon!
>> Thanks for the hard work on stabilizing the api and cleanup the 
>> documentation.
>> Well, I'll start flying for a release in the next few hours ... if 
>> everything went fine.
>> Ciao,
>> Mario

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