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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [result][vote] start up the MyFaces Commons project
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 16:15:00 GMT
To avoid this I'd NOT include eg viewhandler or navigation handler in the jar. Taglib  wont
harm if not used.
Instead we just document how to setup.


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From: "Manfred Geiler" <>
Date: Wednesday, Okt 31, 2007 4:53 pm
Subject: Re: [result][vote] start up the MyFaces Commons project
To: Reply-    "MyFaces Development" <>To: "MyFaces Development"

>On 10/31/07, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote: Hi!
>>     > which is itself an 'umbrella' project for two artifacts** called
>>     > 'MyFaces JSF Commons Utils' and 'MyFaces JSF Commons Components'
>> I suggest that I prepare an initial setup, and check it in, so that
>> there is some concrete stuff we can talk about.
>> Ok?
>I still don't get why we should increase the number of modules here.
>Two artifacts means two jars, no?
> Yes, sure.
>And then, what is a Component? I think we agreed that we just want to
>add render-less components, no? Else it has to go into tomahawk. The
>Commons should not be just a 'component-library without (the dreaded)
>Is a UrlNavigationHandler a Component then or a util? It has no
>component yet, but what if it has one in the future?
>I know, we then can simply just add this component to the Components,
>but why should we split the stuff?
>In this case I'd have a org.apache.myfaces.commons.urlNavigationHandler
>package where everything lives in.
>org.apache.myfaces.commons.urlNavigationHandler (the api)
> Also renderkit independent 'components' need a taglib in the META-INF dir. This is the
main difference between a 'component' and a goodie class a user can decide to use or not.

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