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From simon <>
Subject [orchestra] getting ready for a release
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 21:51:07 GMT
Hi All,

A little bird told me that an Orchestra release is very near (the core
module at least). Actually, it was Mario and as he is Mr Orchestra I
think it's quite likely to happen :-)

I've therefore gone through orchestra-core again, and am personally
happy with the current API. I think that it is in a good state for a
freeze, ie that after a release we should be able to keep binary
compatibility without any major headaches.

Sorry for the incompatibilities I caused while doing this (and the flood
of commits) but better to break stuff that needs breaking now than to
release stuff that will cause problems later. In particular, the
incompatible changes that might affect users are:
* dont end conversation on null return from action
* renamed the FrameworkAdapterServletFilter
* removed a config param from the OrchestraServletFilter
* moved the JpaPersistenceContextFactory class into the spring package.
* when using the LocalFrameworkAdapter a ConversationMessager class must
now be explicitly specified.

There was other stuff, but I very much doubt anyone was using those
methods (yet).

If anyone wants to suggest API changes for Orchestra, I suggest you do
it in the very near future...

I've also updated the docs to match the latest changes (I hope). They
are not perfect, but will have to do for now. Any proofreading would be



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