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From "Cristi Toth" <>
Subject [Trinidad] Skinning the tree
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 15:09:25 GMT
Hi all,

I've done some work on the tree renderer in Trinidad
I added the connecting lines, like in Tomahawk (or any other tree) behind
the expanded/collapsed icon (-, +)
I now have 5 skin-selectors for the tree:

- these are the [-], [+] icons

af|tree::line-icon - this one is the vertical line
af|tree::line-middle-icon - this one is the horizontal line for each entry
(used in the back of the expanded/collapsed icon)
af|tree::line-last-icon - this one is like the one above, but it is used in
the case of the last sibling (the corner)

now some questions:

1) should I add a 'renderLines' attribute to the 'tree' component to
enable/disable the lines ?

2) should I let the lines be skinnable and add them to the base skin?

3) if I let them be skinnable, then should I ommit the 'renderLines' attr
and let the user just override the line icons with blank ones?

Next, I worked on the TreeTable renderer. I made the 'Expand All / Collapse
All' links skinnable.

1. should I move the the 'Expand All / Collapse All' links on the first row
and get rid of the 2nd ?
It seems quite useless to have 2 rows

2. should I also make the focus link 'X' skinnable (it looks kind of lame
right now) ?

3. should I add some attributes for disabling the focus column and the
breadCrumbs, for people who don't need them?

4. I noticed a bug in the row banding, it's not correctly rendered, I
suppose it would be nice if I fix it...

You can see here a pictures with the results of what I did until now:

Is this welcomed by you guys?

Cristi Toth


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