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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: [orchestra] conversation timeouts
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2007 16:05:37 GMT
Mostly ignorant of orchestra, but:
Could you hitchhike on other requests?  On any request,
look through a conversation list, and any that haven't
been accessed within 30 minutes get deleted.
If no requests are coming in, then one really doesn't
care about excessive resource use. :)

Finding a way to make this strategy work that is
adequate in the face of session failover would be very
tricky, though.  OTOH, I don't see the problems as
worse than the Thread-based solution.  My biggest
concern with an approach of this sort is security -
accessing one session's information from a different
session seems like setting yourself up for major problems.

-- Adam

On 8/18/07, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> Hi!
> > Currently orchestra has a feature that causes conversations that have
> > not been accessed within 30 minutes to automatically be deleted.
> > Similarly, conversation-contexts that have not been accessed within 30
> > minutes also get deleted.
> >
> > I don't personally see the use of this, but have been assured it is
> > important. And Seam has this feature, so I suppose we need to offer it
> > too :-).
> >
> One reason is to keep resources low. A conversation can have accessed a
> huge amount of database records, for every record the EntityManager hold
> an entities in its session cache ... resulting in a major memory
> consumption.
> > Secondly, I'm worried about the scalability: a system with 1000 users
> > will have 1000 threads created. These will mostly just be sleeping, but
> > threads are still not light-weight objects.
> >
> The main idea of a thread is to be lightweight, no?
> But I see the point, in terms of 1000 users it might be no longer
> lightweight.
> > I briefly
> > considered having an app-scope list of weak references to
> > ConversationManagers, with instances adding themselves to this list as
> > they are created but that has a number of difficult problems related to
> > timeout/removal of http sessions.
> If we are using weak references there should be no problems with http
> sessions, are there?
> Once the http session has been invalidated the conversation manager
> should only be reachable through the weak reference (all maps have been
> cleared) which means it can be gc'd.
> This could work.
> At least this might help in dropping down to just 1 thread. So why not
> try it?
> > (a) Do people think the current thread-based solution is really a
> > problem?
> >
> Not for a 1.0 release, however, changing to the above should be easy.
> > if (a && !b) then I would suggest removing this timeout feature from the
> > first release to allow time to come up with an alternative.
> >
> In any case, I don't think removing this feature is an alternative. IMHO
> it is too important.
> If we need alternatives we should try to find them now. In the worst
> case, we have to delay the release.
> Ciao,
> Mario

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