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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Navigate to different view on return from dialog
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 21:18:48 GMT

Instead of calling sendRedirect(), in your return listener
you could simply get the NavigatioHandler and invoke it

  nh.handleNavigation(context, null, "afterDialogOutcome");

... and any navigation rule attached to that outcome will happily
fire, redirect or no (it'll get turned into a redirect automatically).

-- Adam

On 8/1/07, David Brunette <> wrote:
>      Hi everybody.
>      There has been a post recently regarding "[Trinidad] page refresh on
> return from a dialog".  I have a similar problem that I am trying to
> solve... but since I am looking for something slightly different than just
> refreshing the same page, I am starting a different post so I don't hault
> the other useful discussion.
>      As the Dialog Framework works now, you can trigger a partialSubmit on
> return from a dialog.  This allows you to partially update certain values on
> the main page when closing the dialog.  This works great for me.  But there
> are instances when I'd like to use a dialog and then trigger a FULL submit
> on return from the dialog... which could, and normally would, result in
> navigation to a different view.
>      To be more specific about what I am trying to do... I'd like to have a
> Confirmation Dialog shown for a button before the action method for that
> button actually gets called (a sort of "Are you sure?  OK/Cancel" dialog).
> Thinking through some options...  As it stands now, the dialog can be
> thought of as the actual action of a particular button (since you would
> write something like action="dialog:someRelatedWork").
> What I'm trying to do is separate the dialog from the action of the button.
> I've started to lean towards a new attribute on the command component called
> "confirmationAction".  OK, it may not be the greatest name for the
> attribute, but my point is to try to have a way to show a dialog for that
> button BEFORE executing the action for that button, which would then be
> automatically called on return from that dialog (with either a full or
> partial submit as specified by the regular "partialSubmit" attribute).
>      I suppose we could do a little trickery in the returnListener to do
> some the work, call the ViewHandler directly to get the URL of the new view,
> and then use SendRedirect()... but is that really the best answer of how to
> accomplish something like this?  I have also seen some suggestions about
> using a JS alert() for this sort of thing, but I'd prefer to stay away from
> using alerts like this in our app.
>      I'm interested in any thoughts on "confirmationAction" approach... or
> possible solutions to accomplish what I'm trying to do.  Thanks...
> Dave
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