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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Dojo scheduler news
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 11:26:29 GMT
Luca Conte schrieb:
> Werner Punz ha scritto:
>> Luca, following, this issue in IE is not really a bug, in case of the
>> Tomahawk issue it was a bug due to a typo,
>> anyway this issue is caused by a broken encoding handling in IE which
>> makes ie go haywire. Make sure that all the files you stream dont have
>> any weird characters above ascii 128 otherwise if you start to stream
>> encoded javascript and run into a character which has a weird non
>> conform encoding you might run into this issue on IE.
> I'll check it,  but a lot of Javascript Code is taken from dojo
> resources incapsulated into tomahawk distro. I think that the problem is
> nested into the thomahawk's dojo scripts, infact if i use my dojo distro
> put into my document root, cutting off the extetsion filter incuding
> process,  I don't see this problem!
Not good, can you encapsule the problem down to a single require so that
I can check the affected files for a typo which has introduced the problem?

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