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From "Simon Lessard" <>
Subject [Trinidad] Add getSelectItems method to SimpleSelectOneRenderer
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 16:44:06 GMT
Hello all,

Currently, SimpleSelectOneRenderer get its list of SelectItem from
SelectItemSupport.getSelectItems(UIComponent, Converter) directly, not using
a protected method, effectively preventing that from being overridden. The
use case are very scarce, but it should be possible to get the LoV from
somewhere else without forcing the use of f:selectItems. Specifically, it's
the case when you want to generate a dynamic component (always looking
different) without altering the component tree (which is bad when done in
the render view phase and that would be the case here). Therefore, I would
like to the following non-final method to SimpleSelectOneRenderer:

protected List<SelectItem> getSelectItems(UIComponent component, Converter
  return SelectItemSupport.getSelectItems(component, converter);

Anyone see a good reason not to do it?


~ Simon

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