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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: subform and model changes
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 18:34:10 GMT
No, the main goal of subform was to allow you to submit and validate
part of a page without affecting the rest of the page.

Perhaps for your own use cases, you've primarily used it to do partial
page refreshing, but that's not how I've used it.   I would disagree
that this is the majority use case since no one else has posted an
issue with the current behavior up to this point :-)

One of my primary use cases is to do something like

<set of input field rows>
<add-new-row button inside of a subForm>

Losing the unvalidated input of the fields outside of the subform
would be unacceptable.

While it's true that s:subForm is still in the sandbox, it's only
because of lack of time that it's not been promoted yet.   We took a
straw poll a few months back and no one saw any reason why it couldn't
be promoted at that point.

It seems like a reasonable suggestion to allow the behavior you've
suggested, but there's no reason to assume that your new behavior
should be the default behavior, especially since it will change the
behavior of existing applications.

On 5/24/07, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> Hi Mike!
> > If you want to change the submitted values to the backing bean, then
> > you need to do so in code just as if you wanted to do it for a regular
> > form.
> >
> >
> Yep, I am aware of this, but I really hate to use component bindings.
> This is alway a "last resort" for me.
> > That said, I'd not be opposed to adding an attribute to a subform to
> > configure it to refetch from the model so long as that was not the
> > default behavior.
> Hmmm .... not issuing the validation and not updating the model to allow
> to submit another form was the main goal of subForm, no?
> If we say subForm was introduced to avoid the use of multiple h:forms on
> the page, then it should refetch from the model by default.
> I'd like to add a parameter ... maybe called "refetchFromModel" ... with
> a default value of "true". I am sure this is the major use case,
> especially if you keep in mind that e.g. you can change the options of a
> select*Listbox but not its value (yet).
> It's a sandbox component, I think we can argue the change.
> Any objections?
> Ciao,
> Mario

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