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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject [Proposal] Apache MyFaces commons
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 16:07:42 GMT
Greetings from the ApacheCon in Amsterdam.

It was discussed a lot on the list and Bernd and I are now taking the
time to layout a "apache-myfaces-commons-[SUBSET]-VERSION.jar" file.

-What should go into a commons JAR?
Non renderKit related things like
  -Converters and Validators
  -NonFacesRequestServlet from Tobago
  -FacesContextFactory from Tobago to ensure a kind of common layer
for doing uploads
  -the selectItems component from Tomahawk
  -what are we missing ???

Build dependencies:
  - Trinidad's plugins/utils to generate stuff like the TagClass file.

The vision:
 Why this is needed ?
It is kind of hard to actually use only some "common" pieces of
Tomahawk. At least to add a custom validator, the complete jar is
needed. The vision is also to add some "common" pieces from
Trinidad/tobago to it.

For Tomahawk this will not mean, you have to introduce a new namespace
for adding the converter/validator, the "commons-jar" can be a rt
dependency so that the TLD file is only referencing to the classes
w/in the commons.jar.

What are you missing ?
We will compile a list into the MyFaces wiki, based on your feedback/comments


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