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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject datatable and groupBy enhancements
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 11:10:56 GMT

I'd like to make the following two enhancements to the tomahawk

1) add a new attribute "groupByValue" to the column
This allows to configure a valueBinding to be used as value to check if
there is a group change instead of scanning the children.
The old behavior still works, but has the disadvantages that it doesn't
not work if you embed the values in an panelGrid/panelGroup or any other
Say you'll print the customer name in the groupBy column. The
groupByValue will be the id of the customer but the column content is a
panelGrid rendering the name/address etc.

2) use objects instead of StringBuffer to create the compare string
The current implementation uses a StringBuffer to collect all the
children values. This means it has to lookup the converter to convert
the object to a string.
I'd like to change this to use a list of objects and compare them object
by object using .equals(), avoiding the need to use a converter.
Though, this might be an incompatible change as a converter might return
the same string for different object values and where there was no group
change in the past, now it will.
However, I think this case is very unlikely.

What do you think?
Any objections?


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