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From "Dennis Byrne" <>
Subject Re: Permission to upgrade shale-test v1.1.0-SNAPSHOT to allows for testing against the RI?
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 04:45:12 GMT
I'm 0 on this.  The only warning I have is that we have to make sure the
next version of Shale test is out before we release the next version of
Tomahawk.  If you think it is realistic, go for it.

Dennis Byrne

On 5/17/07, Paul Spencer <> wrote:
> I would like to add more Shale Test based tests to Tomahawk and do it in
> such
> a way that allows tests to be run against different JSF implementations,
> including
> the RI and MyFaces.  In order to do this, the ConfigParser()[1] of
> shale-test v1.1.0-SNAPSHOT is required.  We are already using shale-test
> v1.0.3.
> Although I an not keen on adding a SNAPSHOT dependency, this is one that
> is used
> only by some of the test cases.  The major advantages in using the
> ConfigParser()
> is that the implementation's configuration files are used.  I created an
> utility,
> TestUtils.addDefaultRenderers() [2], that manually add Tomahawks
> configuration.
> TestUtils currently works for Tomahawks components, since it manually add
> the
> configuration, it has to be maintained in parallel with faces-config.xml.
> In
> addition it does not work with other implementation.  This utility class
> would
> be changed to reference ConfigParser(), not the tests.
> In short, I am asking for:
> 1) Permission to upgrade shale-test v1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.
> 2) Permission to add a continuum build of Tomahawk against the RI
> Paul Spencer
> [1]
> [2]

Dennis Byrne

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