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From "Bruno Aranda" <>
Subject Eventual release of MyFaces 1.2
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 18:34:24 GMT

Now that we have a usable implementation of MyFaces 1.2 (not official
yet) we could start thinking on doing a release. Can we legally have a
release called MyFaces 1.2 even if we don't have the acknowledgement
from Sun that it is conformant to the TCK? Otherwise we can always
release a MyFaces 1.2 beta or milestone whatever.
Anyway, to release MyFaces 1.2 we need to release first Trinidad's
maven-faces-plugin 1.2. Could we think then too on releasing the
Trinidad artifacts, or at least, this one?
At the same time and coinciding with this release, I would adopt
Manfred's idea of having the two "trunks" as the tomcat guys do, one
for myfaces 1.1 and the other for myfaces 1.2.

Thoughts? Any limitation, legal or functional, that we must deal with
before releasing MyFaces 1.2-whatever?



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