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From Martin Koci <>
Subject [Trinidad] MessageFactory.BindingFacesMessage resolves parameters only once
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 22:48:25 GMT

I probably found a problem  with BindingFacesMessage class. If calling
getMessage() it resolves value binding only once and then cache it. I
think values should be resolved every time as normal ValueBinding or
ValueExpressing does - calling getValue(context) creates a new value
every time; but BindingFacesMessage returns still same value (which can
be pretty old and unactual). 

How did I find the problem:

- in my converter I added logger - its logging converter message in
place where it occurs

- calling message.getSummary() resolves label of component to null,
because loadBundle is not loaded in process validation phase

- in message renderer: it call message.getSummary() too but it return
message with cached, null label. But there - in render response  phase -
label is null no more, because bundles loaded with f:loadBundle already

I fixed it locally with:
private void _resolveBindings()
      //if (_resolvedParameters == null)
        _resolvedParameters = _getProcessedBindings(null, _parameters);

What do you think?


Martin Koci

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