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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: MyFaces and HTML 4.01
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:33:37 GMT
@ client id values:

I would also be against using a client id more than a few characters.
 Too much of a performance hit.

@ configuring:

static is easy.  If it were just public static, then in the config parser,

     UIViewRoot.UNIQUE_ID_PREFIX  = new_prefix;

A system property isn't a bad idea.   It's better than nothing.

On 4/20/07, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> Hi!
> Belen, Marco wrote:
> > In order 'choose' an unique prefix, why not re-use a common way to
> > create unique names in Java: Use a package-structure.
> > There for until it can be configured in the web.xml how about using
> > "org_apache_myfaces_" as the clientID-prefix.
> >
> My first reaction on this was: "No, please don't" as this will greatly
> increase the size of the rendered html page if you have tables or trees
> on it.
> On the other hand, if one would like to have short ids its simple to
> configure the id on the component level instead of using the
> autogenerated one - and IMHO its better to use manual component ids then
> the automatic created one as this makes the rendered page more readable
> (in case you have to look at the html source)
> So I'll have not problem to use this "big" clientId, just, maybe a
> "o_a_m_id" would make it too.
> Mike Kienenberger wrote:
> > Finally, I proposed on the other thread that we allow the web.xml file
> > to define the unique prefix.  Unfortunately, I noticed now that the
> > value has been declared final.
> Yep, not only final - more problematic it is static. What might be
> possible is to use system properties - at least a way to configure it then.
> Ciao,
> Mario

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