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From "Jihoon Kim" <>
Subject Input Request for whether New Component [TOMAHAWK-829] is submitted correctly or not
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2006 19:35:14 GMT
Hi, my name is Ji [a.k.a. G] and I was wondering if I could get inputs
on whether or not I did everything correctly the way I am suppose to
when submitting a new component to the tomahawk sandbox and if not
what I should change or do.

What I have done so far =>
         Created a Jira issue
             (a)  Key : TOMAHAWK-829
             (b)  Type : New Feature
             (c)  Status : Patch Available
             (d)  Priority : Major
         with the following list of attachments :
         All_Patch.patch [ignorable patch, as I am creating a new
                                 component with new Java and new Directory]        [Java classes + js files, as I have used the
                                   AddResource API]
         faces-config_changes.patch [patch to faces-config]        [zip file containing the javaDocs]    [solely Java files in the desired filesystem]
           [ i.e.
           ]              [the latest JSes in the desired filesystem]
            [ i.e.
                 for *.js
                                    [myfaces_sandbox.tld patch]
         NoNewDirectoryPatch.patch [patch for changes for files that
                  do not require new directory, should be ignored]
         README.txt         [general README file w/ brief description]    [sample JSP file zipped
         selfmanagetable.xml [xdoc for the components + tags
         selfmanagetable.jpg  [an image for the xdoc
I have made some of the above attachments after reading and others because
I did.

Some of the capable features of the above component that I am
attempting to integrate are :
dynamic table
    (1)  moving up and down the position within the table via key +
    (2)  dynamic sorting
    (3)  copy, cut, paste, delete, and undelete
    (4)  search
    (5)  changing the current viewing list with an another
    (6)  changing the size of the table [namely # of rows]
    (7)  paging capability that is dynamically modified
    (8)  and others that I forgot to mention if it exists

Some of the possible values for the TDs of the dynamic table :
    text, textarea, image, select, span, and etceteras
    [will have to thoroughly test that the user receives the values in
the manner they
     desire in SelfManageTDComponent]

Thank You and if I did everything correctly, all I have to do is wait, right?

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