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From lightbulb432 <>
Subject javax.faces.ViewState hidden field
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 07:19:45 GMT

What is the purpose of the hidden field named javax.faces.ViewState, and how
does it differ from the following hidden fields:
- jsf_view_64
- jsf_tree_64

Also, I noticed some sample HTML outputs from JSF, and they had multiple
javax.faces.ViewState hidden fields throughout the page. I also noticed each
hidden field was on a separate table (i.e. no table had more than one
javax.faces.ViewState), and that each occurrence of the hidden field had
exactly the same value. Finally, I noticed that some tables on the page had
this hidden field and others did not.

What determines whether a table has this hidden field or not?

I was just amazed by the huge inefficiency in having to transfer 3x the
hidden form field data (when each hidden field value is so large as it is)
when they all have the exact same value! Would this be a good case to use
server-side state saving, because the bandwidth not doing so would eat up
would be huge, right?
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