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From Paul Spencer <>
Subject I am working on a Selenium test suite.
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2006 22:01:17 GMT
I have started writing a Selenium test suite.  I have the following goals:

1) Provide a regression test environment.
2) Further my understanding on how the JSF components work.
3) Provide a simplified set of examples.
4) Provide a platform for easily developing a test case for a bug.

Currently I have implemented only a few of the tags, like <h:panelGrid> 
and <t:panelNavigation2>, but I intend on adding many more.  The test 
include a jsp page that sets many of the attribute for each tag and a 
Selenuim script that verifies the resulting HTML and functionality.  I 
have tried to minimize the amount of java code need to implement each 
tag, this keeps the test cases very simple.  Although much of this 
replicates what is currently in Tomahawk Examples, it does not rely on 
stylesheets or dynamically generated components.

I have run the test on HostedQA [1] so the results are publicly 
available.  The test are run against IE 7 and Firefox.  Currently IE7 is 
failing parts of the test, I suspect the failure have to do with how the 
test are address elements in the dom.

At this point I have committed none of the tests, but I would like to 
commit them soon.
1) Where is the best place to add them? I suspect the best place add
    this is myfaces/tomahawk/snapshot.

2) What should the artifactId be?  Currently it is myfaces-snapshot-testing.

Paul Spencer


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