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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Tomahawk 1.1.4 - STATUS
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 17:25:58 GMT
On 10/19/06, Scheper, Erik-Berndt <> wrote:

> I'm sorry that I cannot the assembly, since it requires a myfaces snapshot.
> Is a release schedule available for the new core release?

Is it the snapshot status of MyFaces Core that's stopping you, or the
lack of a proposed release archive to download and try out?  (The jars
are available in the Maven repo, you could grab them from:

Yes, we'll have to do Core 1.1.5 just prior to releasing Tomahawk
1.1.4 release.  We need to start a wiki page and review the open
issues for Core.  Sounds like that needs to happen sooner rather than

> However, for new users it would be very nice to have a complete tomahawk distribution
> I.e. one archive with binaries, a second archive with sources and a third archive with
the sample apps.
> This was the case before the move towards maven, and I have sincerely missed these recently.

Thanks for the feedback.  I think there may be an assembly already set
up for the examples, it may just be a matter of pressing the button.
If anyone is interested in investigating, there are some notes at the
bottom of the Tomahawk release plan, including a pointer to the script
I'm using.  Maybe adding a few lines will do it.


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