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From "Arash Rajaeeyan" <>
Subject Re: Option for NavigationHandler to support viewIds as outcome
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 21:08:29 GMT
I think this is a bad idea for following reasons:

1) it is against the spec behaviour
2) since in JSF 1.1 navigation outcomes are string it is completely possible
for a programmer to have a syntax error in out comes
3) this make confusion between page names and outcomes (navigation events)

4) I think outcomes and names of JSF pages should stay separate.
JSF navigation is like an finite state machine (FSM) or finite state
automaton, states are pages and outcomes are input to the automaton, this
keeps modeling UI very simple.
and also it makes it possible for formal verification of JSF application,
with available tools.

Arash Rajaeeyan

On 10/30/06, Ernst Fastl <> wrote:
> Hi!
> At the moment when no navigation case for an outcome is found
> the navigationHandler decides to stay at the same view. I think
> an option for web.xml would be useful to tell the navigationHandler
> if no navigation case for an outcome is found, but the outcome
> matches a viewId to navigate to this view id.
> This idea was mainly driven by a lot of jsf-projects where I saw for each
> view id:
> <navigation-rule>
>         <from-view-id>*</from-view-id>
>         <navigation-case>
>             <from-outcome>viewId</from-outcome>
>             <to-view-id>/viewId.xhtml</to-view-id>
>             <redirect/>
>         </navigation-case>
> ...
> which seems kind of unnecessary to me
> what do you think about that?
> regards
> Ernst

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