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From "Ernst Fastl" <>
Subject Re: how do we handle old taglib definitions in the sandbox
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 20:27:14 GMT
I agree ,If deprecation is not really possible ( for now I could also
not think of
a appropriate way to do so) then the clear cut has to be done sooner or
later anyway. And as erik-berndt already pointed out, the migration
for the users will be just a text-replace in their jsps or facelet-xhtml files.
Before upgrading users should read the release notes anyway :-)

On 10/13/06, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Ernst Fastl schrieb:
> > On one hand it is right that components of the sandbox are potential
> > subjects
> > for change, but would it really hurt to do a slower deprecation? Like
> > Werner
> > pointed out, some people are already using sandbox components in their
> > production environments although this may never have been recommended
> > they do it. So I think a slower transition with some kind of deprecation
> > mechanism would be appropriate wouldn't it?
> >
> The problem is, there is no deprecation mechanism...
> I asked what the consensous is here, regarding this problem,
> but I think a clear cut has to do it for now...
> At least in my case, the dojoInitializer, this is non critical, not
> too many users use it, we might have to go a different route
> for the high level end user components, I guess.
> But keeping the tld codebase twice is a huge burden.

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