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From Werner Punz <>
Subject ann/discussion:moving core dojo to tomahawk
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2006 16:03:28 GMT
Since this has been high on my list and i am currently
in the finishing stages for the core dojo stuff
(writing documentation as we speak)

it has been planned that we move the core dojo stuff,
which is for now, the dojo core code, the dojoInitializer
the dojo utils and the dojo extensions into tomahawk.

After that I want to push some of the dojo
based sandbox stuff forward
into tom asap, due to constant user requests.

I will fullfill the promotion criteria like docs
etc... for this, but I wanted to give an upfront
warning that the move of the core libs is imminent
and will be voted on soon.

As for the stability of the interfaces.
There only have been additions regarding ADF comptabibility
in the DojoUtils and one or two small bugfixes in the recent past.
I assume that is enough for interface stability.
The docs for the dojoInitializer are in the works
and will be committed tomorrow, the working examples
are in place and will be linked more extensively around the same period 
of time.

So my plan is to get the thing up into Tom by around next weekend.
Once the docs are done from my side and if there are no severe objections.

After that we should move on to push some
of the already more than a handful of sandbox
components into Tom, to clean up the sandbox.
The big showstopper has been Dojo, which had to be upgraded
to 0.3.1 and the lack to time to get the core into the tomahawk.

As for the future plans, as time permits I will push for the next stable 
dojo, after one grace period of 1-2 months after a stable dojo release.
This is for two reasons, first to check whether showstoppers have
arrived in the dojo release, secondly to give us a grace period to 
adjust our codebase and fix our components upfront, to make
the transitions as seamless as possible.

Also in the long run we will have to sync our release cycles of dojo 
releases somehow with the Sun guys as they move towards dojo as well
and I will have to try to figure out how to get the codebase itself
out of the code and push it into the build process more dynamically
so that we do not have this huge source grave in our resources
(weblets or something else probably is the way to go)
But as time presses due to user demands, I think those are issues
which have to be considered to be long term goals
the short term goal is to push dojo up and then
try to get components from the sandbox into Tom.

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