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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Discussion: Compatibility between Tobago and Tomahawk
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 23:28:58 GMT
At one point [1], I wrote,
>What about the possiblity of components existing both in and out of

and Arvid responded,
> I thought I would be able to discuss this matter more thoroughly with
> one of the other Tobago developers, to get an idea how this could work
> out. But I didn't had the the time up to now. As soon we have the 1.0.7
> release out I hope we can tackle these integration issues.

Now that the 1.0.8 release is out, maybe we can go back to this issue.

>From the previous discussion, we had:

Layout issues:

- components need to be able to provide size information to Tobago
when requested

Theming issues:

- Components need to support themes

I wrote [1],
> When [tobago components are] in tobago, the theming would work as expected,
> but when used outside of tobago, they'd either specify the theme using an
> attribute <component theme="whatever"> or only provide the default
> theme.   As people had interest, additional tomahawk
> components could be "tobago-enabled" so as to work with both
> frameworks.

Also, Trinidad supports theming (they call it skinning, I think) so
perhaps we can combine the best of Trinidad and Tobago theming designs
to come up with an ideal solution so that all three frameworks work

[Possibly this thread should be broken up into a layout and a theming thread.]


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