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Subject Re: Problems with partial page rendering
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 18:02:57 GMT
The UIViewRoot unique id must be persisted to guarantee that no matter the state saving lifecycle
of the component tree, that the UIViewRoot can always produce a unique ID, despite changes
to the structure of the view at 'build time'.

I understand what you are going for with Verbatims and unique ids-- but it requires repeatable
order of evaluation.  One or two if-statements could throw the whole order of comparison off.
 This is a major problem with sequence comparisons and accomodating document change.

With JSP 2.1, we have JspIdConsumers which, by contract, assert that each JspTag will be assigned
a unique id.  This can be used instead in comparison since it's not order of evaluation dependent.

With Facelets, we don't bother asserting uniqueness by Id for cleanup/transients and instead
implement our own JspIdConsumer with an assignment to the AttributeMap.  That value is instead
used to determine duplication/cleanup, indifferent of the id assignments that the user or
JSF impl provides.  So instead of using the API's findComponent, we use a findComponent by
Facelet Token ID.

>Declaring subviews and ajax regions is only a partial solution-- when JSF in fact 
>should be able to re-render any component without being explicitly declared as a 
>refreshable region (that's what we were pushing out of Facelets and JSF 1.2).  
>Ajax4Jsf does this by decoration of existing, non-ajax components and the JSF 
>1.2 invokeOnComponent (Martin, et. al) can do it for any component without 
>decoration in a very, very efficient manner.
I have a related question that I'm sure you guys can help me understand.  It has more 
to do with restoring the view and then recreating the components that are marked as 
transient.  I think you would have similar issues with partial page rendering.
There was a recent change in the myfaces UIViewRoot.  The change was related 
to the createUniqueId method.  This component now persists the last generated id.  
>From what I understand, JSF RI 1.2 behaves the same.

What I'm unsure about is how to insert a new component (verbatim) into a restored tree.  
What is the best way to calculate an id that won't collide.  It also requires a different
of inspecting the restored tree to see if a component needs to be recreated using the 
findComponent method.
For a temporary solution with Clay, I create my own sequence that is reset each time the 
view is rendered and passed around in request scope.  This new sequence doesn't use 
the UIViewRoot's method of generating a sequence but it seems to work.
It appears that the myfaces JSP tags are doing a similar thing.  The generated component 
id's don't appear to be generated using the UIViewRoot.
Any insight would be appreciated.


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