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From "Gerald Müllan" <>
Subject Re: Enhancing Partial Page Rendering
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 20:23:27 GMT

many thanks for your recent patches and the comments on it.

I will test the changes today and commit the stuff afterwards.

BTW, the second one of your future plans; is it like an automatically
refresh after a given timeout? Seems very practicable to me.



On 9/27/06, Ernst Fastl <> wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> In the recent tomahawk issues related to the pprPanelGroup partial Page
> Rendering has been improved in the following points:
> -partialTriggers also work for commandLinks, selectOneMenu and
> selectBooleanCheckBox (the last two still need onchange-Handlers)
> -partialTriggers are also working between different forms now
> -the partialTriggerPattern Attribute has been introduced: a regular expression
> -> all matching ClientIds act as triggering Components
> -the inlineLoadingMessage Attribute has been introduced- to display
> a loading message replacing the pprPanelGroup - content immediatly
> while waiting for the servers response
> since the patches are not yet commited these features are not yet in
> but they seem to work quite fine on my machine
> next steps  I have in mind include:
> -support nesting of pprPanelgroups which are not rendered in the first place
> (some javascript transportation over xml and eval() on the client side
> or similar ...
> -support of an attribute to automatically trigger on all components inside
> the pprPanelGroup
> -support an attribute to refresh a pprPanelGroup always if any
> partialTrigger triggers
> a partial reload
> -suport a general loading message right top of the screen
> suggestions are always welcom :-)
> I still have a problem with the component tree and server side state-saving
> since I don't forward to the JSP-engine. If I understood the outcome of
> the thread "Problems with Partial Page Rendering" correctly it will
> be possible to create the component tree and invoke state-saving
> without actually rendering. I'd appreciate that very much because
> at the moment this is still missing in PPR and I don't know how to
> do that.
> thanks for all the interesing information in the PPR related threads
> Ernst


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