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From "Martin Haimberger" <>
Subject Outcome of the Google Sommer of Code project Partial State Saving
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 08:19:31 GMT
Hy everyone,

my name is Martin Haimberger and i took part in the GSoC 2006 with the
Partial State Saving project for myfaces.
The two mayor things to implement were
   a) Create an partial State Saving Tree
   b) Render the Tree without calling dispatch() and let the jsp render it

I used the tomahowk simple examples to do first performancetests. I
activated Clientside statesaving
and compaired their length:


11.450 org.savestate


Partial Savestate: 52,9%

* *


22.754 org.savestate


Partial Savestate: 27,7%


13.870 org.savestate


Partial Savestate: 74,3%

* selectbox*

15.310 org.savestate


Partial Savestate with ID Map: 70,6%

* selectonecountry*

3.494 org.savestate


Partial Savestate: 54,3%


9.902 org.savestate


Partial Savestate: 65,3%


5.998 org.savestate


Partial Savestate with ID Map: 79,3%

The secound test was a speed test how fast the page gets rendered without
dispatching to the jsp.

The problem is that the response times of the same request fluctuate a lot
if it is called a certain times. So measuring is very difficult.

But what i can say is that it is (after the first request) about 20% faster
than alway dispatching to the jsp who it was done till now.

In the next weeks my Mentor, Martin Marinschek and I will adapt the code and
commit it to the svn server.


Martin Haimberger

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