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From "Eric Fingal" <>
Subject Overriding default NavigationHandlerImpl
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 16:14:20 GMT
I want to create a custom NavigationHandler that will look at where
navigation came from along with where it will go based on the default
behavior of looking in the faces configuration.  I see that in version 1.1.4
source code of NavigationHandlerImpl there is a protected method named
getNavigationCase().  This is just what I need to call in order to determine
where I would go if I left navigation up to the the default handler.
However, in version 1.1.3 this protected method is not available.  So.   Is
1.1.4 available yet?  Or could I copy the source code that figures out what
the next navigation case is and use it in my NavigationHandler?  I don't
like the idea of copying code, but I need the same functionality.


Any suggestions will be appreciated!



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