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From "Ernst Fastl" <>
Subject About the Partial Page Rendering Commit ...
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 17:11:10 GMT
Hi There!

Since the recent commit brought quite some comments and advices in different
threads I'll try to comment on what I understand as the outcome of
that discussions
in this mail.

>For a substantial contribution like this, we'll need a CLA on file in
>any case (even if the code came in through a jira-issue).

>Is the original author of these classes willing to sign and fax in a CLA[2]?
>If so, that gets us over the first hurdle.  If not, the files should
definitely be removed.

I signed and faxed it today in the morning, so you all can be sure
that this is apaches
code now. Sorry that I haven't done that before, I did not know that
this is also necessary
if another commiter commits the code for you. I should have gathered
more information of the
process of apache contributions - to be honest I just didn't think of
any legal issues.

>I am not concerned about the icla or not
>I am more concerned about the fact that patches sent offline
>and not through Jira.

I'm also sorry for that one. I just thought it would be good to
provide some code which
implements what I think came out of the initial discussions, before
starting to talk
on the mailing list of things that do not already exist. That was
probably the wrong direction
and I will try hard to communicate more efficiently with the
community in the future.

>The second problem is one that Wendy pointed out ... lack of license
headers on the source files.

Again I can only apologize, I just didn't think of that - sorry.

>The sort of "offline" development. Sending offline a patch to a
>committer for letting him commit the stuff is to me a -1. Looks like a

I really didn't mean to bypass confirmation or evaluation of the
community. I just thougth
if the code is commited to the sandbox that this doesn't cause any
harm and all people that
want to verify the code can take a look there and give feedback.

>Matthias, you're absolutely right - I'm just as concerned as you about
>offline development, and asked Ernst several times to engage in an
>discussion on the mailing list.

All together I can only apologize for all those beginners misstakes. I
am still new to Open Source
Development and although it may have produced a different image I just
had the best intentions.
Thanks to all the comments that came up after this commit I belive I
learned a lot of things
about how the ASF works and will hopefully be able to avoid such
beginners misstakes in the future.

kind regards


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