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From "Ernst Fastl" <>
Subject Re: open discussion about the dojo related roadmap
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2006 15:05:30 GMT
Hi there!

just some thoughts ...

I also think that it is right about time to include dojo into
tomahawk. Since a lot
of sandbox components are already using dojo an probably a lot more will come
this should be the right way to go. Sooner or later those components will move
from the sandbox to tomahawk.

For the updates I just want to point out that we should probably maintain a list
of dojo-using components somewhere to go through and make sure affected
components are tested after a update. Unfortunately I don't know a way
of writing
unit-tests for HTML rendering components which I guess would be the ideal thing
for that.



On 8/19/06, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Hi I just wanted to start an open discussion about the dojo related roadmap.
> My plan is following for now.
> Now that we have 0.3.1 in we are going to fix our pending components.
> Then we should aim for a dojo inclusion into tomahawk core for 1.1.6.
> (if we move the codebase out of our sourcebase
> into maven is still open, as it seems weblets wont make
> it until 1.1.6... for now)
> then we can start to integrate dojo to reduce our own tomahawk dhtml
> codebase and to get rid of some long outstanding issues.
> The main problem for now I see is, that sun and others have
> started to use dojo as well, and we might get a version
> clash in the long run once we start to mix tomahawk with
> the creator components in the long run.
> Dojo itself has not solved that issue, I am not sure how to avoid
> those problems except for trying to be always on the latest stable
> version and to hope that the others follow this route.
> Anyway in the long run we also will have to be in sync
> with the resource loading mechanisms, while dojo is pretty
> good in its resource loading we really should avoid
> double includes and different loading namespacing for the same things.
> Due to the fact that we route everything on the java side
> through tools classes this change is possible afterwards.
> But as I said, moving dojo towards Tomahawk is pretty important
> to reduce our own codebase (for instance
> the date picker dhtml codebase probably can be dropped
> entirely as well as the popup code, which has been
> a constant problem for years.)
> and to fix some long outstanding issues.
> The interfaces seem stable enough to promote them out
> of the sandbox once we are done with the upgrade.
> But the downside is, have in mind, that the dojo upgrades
> will come once every few months, while the interfaces
> are kept pretty stable, once we have moved Tom towards
> dojo we will have the problem of having to do some work
> after the upgrade on many of the tom components,
> but I think the problems are way less than the benefits
> of having a lot of less dhtml codebase on our side.

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