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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: [dialog] Basic button functionality
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 16:40:41 GMT
Wrong list, sure, but since you opened up the can of worms...

Is Shale really planning on getting into the HTML-rendering

-- Adam

On 8/24/06, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> Doh.  Wrong list again.
> On 8/24/06, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> > I think it would be highly desirable to provide some sort of basic
> > button functionality ("previous, next, ok and cancel").  I'm not
> > saying we render buttons on the dialog for the user, but I am saying
> > that most dialogs have certain things in common that we should just
> > incorporate into the basic functionality.  JSF can already give you
> > most of what you need for dialogs without using Shale - lets try and
> > enhance things in a way that would make it worthwhile for our users.
> >
> > On my last job I used dialogs extensively, but as I think about it,
> > the most important functionality was added on top of what was
> > provided.  We had several dialogs that involved a series of steps.
> > Some of the steps were common between multiple dialogs but we also had
> > cases where the user could later revisit just a single step.
> >
> > So in some cases the "foo screen" needed a next button (when used in
> > the multi step dialogs) but in other cases you just want an "ok" and
> > "cancel" button (as in the single step dialog case.)  The existing
> > dialog functionality was helpful because I could easily examine the
> > transitions but it took a long time to work out some of the more
> > complicated details.
> >
> > I was going to try and sketch out some ideas here in the email but I
> > changed my mind.  I'm going to put some very rough code into the
> > sandbox.  Instead of using the sandbox for a staging area for near
> > complete code, we could use it to sketch out some rough ideas.  Why
> > not?
> >
> > Craig and I both agree it would be nice to have this wrapped up in a
> > few weeks so we can release before Apache Con.  David would probably
> > also like to make sure his book isn't out of date so we'll have to
> > move very quickly on this.
> >
> > Sean
> >

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