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From David Delbecq <>
Subject tomahawk htmlcommandlink not working with reference implementation
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 12:07:37 GMT

i make quite a good use of subforms, inside which i use the tomahawk
htmlcommandLink. While subforms are from sandbox, and then might not be
working properly, the commandlink itself is generating improper
javascript in my jsf form when witching from myface implementation of
jsf to the sun reference implementation. It does not work anymore
because javascript is referencing an inexistant form element that seem
specific to myfaces:

<a href="#"
result=document.forms['parameterTestForm'].onsubmit();  if( (typeof
result == 'undefined') || result )
false;" id="parameterTestForm:form4:parameter:_id18:append">+</a>

The element 'parameterTestForm:_idcl' does not exist in the form.
However, if i switch back from reference implementation to myfaces,
there is indeed a hidden field named 'parameterTestForm:_idcl' at the
end of form.
I know this is sandbox and thus not 100% compatible, but it think it's
not a problem of subform, rather a problem of HtmlCommandLink. I used a
svn checkout of 'current' from yesterday, compiled according to wiki
instructions using maven.

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