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From Bernd Bohmann <>
Subject Next Release of Tobago
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 08:52:27 GMT

we are very close to a 1.0.8 release of Tobago.

Can everybody test the current snapshot with his applications and report 
any errors or success.

Unfortunately, we can't release the jdk 1.4 version. I don't expect a 
public release of the retrotranslator plugin until next week.

Current Release Notes - MyFaces Tobago - Version 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT

** Bug
     * [TOBAGO-60] - Application-Converter ist not used for tx:date 
     * [TOBAGO-64] - Theme jars cannot be loaded inside IBM WebSphere
     * [TOBAGO-67] - Tree selection does not function any more 
(JavaScript error)
     * [TOBAGO-68] - Layoutrenderer couses nullpointer exception when 
layouting pannels
     * [TOBAGO-69] - t:image does not support a png image with a 
transparent background - displays background as mid-grey
     * [TOBAGO-70] - GridLayoutRenderer ignores rows after the first not 
rendered one
     * [TOBAGO-71] - 
org.apache.myfaces.tobago.component.UIGridLayout.Row not serializable 
     * [TOBAGO-72] -  tx:date inside a tc:sheet causes NullPointerException
     * [TOBAGO-73] - Empty Stack exception in sheet when 
     * [TOBAGO-75] - The password attribute of tc:in works only as a 
method binding in facelets
     * [TOBAGO-76] - Tobago doesn't run with RI 1.1_02
     * [TOBAGO-79] - Date Picker resets other field values
     * [TOBAGO-81] - Non String item values not possible in tx:menuRadio.
     * [TOBAGO-85] - SelectOneChoice in IE does override z-index of Menu
     * [TOBAGO-86] - resource dirs needs defined order
     * [TOBAGO-87] - NPE when decoding PageState without state value in 
     * [TOBAGO-88] - Warning page contains secure and nonsecure items on 
IE when using https
     * [TOBAGO-91] - With Popup window the suggest box renders behind 
the popup
     * [TOBAGO-94] - Input suggest doesn't support umlauts
     * [TOBAGO-117] - Due a bug in Weblogic 8.1 BodyTag classes must 
directly include the BodyTag interface

** Improvement
     * [TOBAGO-57] - Add globalOnly attribute to messages tag
     * [TOBAGO-78] - tc:link should support f:param
     * [TOBAGO-113] - TabChangeEvent should provide the same methods 
like the TabChangeEvent in tomahawk
     * [TOBAGO-114] - The datepicker of tx:date should surrounded by a 
form to prevent validation errors from other fields
     * [TOBAGO-116] - selectable modes in sheet
     * [TOBAGO-118] - Increase the version of the facelets dependency to 

** New Feature
     * [TOBAGO-74] - autoreload feature for sheet
     * [TOBAGO-99] - Version information
     * [TOBAGO-109] - UICommand facet support for change and click 
events in selectOneRadio, selectBooleanCheckbox, selectManyCheckbox and 



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