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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: TOMAHAWK-610 / TypedNumberConverter
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 21:06:47 GMT
Hi Mike!
> I hadn't noticed this before -- You added it while I was on vacation.
> Sneaky.   :-)  And after you'd already +1'd my implementation in the
> "currencyConverter -> BigDecimal storage" thread.
Hmmm, yes, sorry.
If I remember correctly, I had a bad need for this and thought no one
else already did it.
> How well tested is yours?
I use it in our application with inputText. On outputText there is a
little problem which I should have a look at, but, well, still out of
time :-(

> - Mine inherits from NumberConverter.   Why didn't you do the same for
> yours?  It looks like you instead copied that code into your
> converter.
Hmmm ... maybe just sort of dumb guy :-( I cant remember.
I think I thought its not allowed to inherit from the impl, which in
this case is wrong, no?
We can change this easily.

> - Mine "fixes" the currency conversion issue by adding a currency
> symbol (if it's a currency converter) to the value before parsing the
> number.   We could merge this change into yours as well.
Oh yes, this will be great. Could you do it?


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