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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: Facelets & Tomahawk
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 22:39:09 GMT
> For most of the remaining problem components, it's simply a matter of
> taking care of the generic attributes and making them explicit html
> attributes like you did for tree2.

OK so there's not much of a need for this new package directory but we
do need it in a few limited cases right?

> The only component I know to be more complicated than fixing
> attributes (in MyFaces) or defining method bindings (in facelets tag
> handlers) is t:tree.   The jsp tag and the component don't use the
> same attributes.

Ok.  There is the option of not supporting it but it would be nice if
we could say 100% of tomahawk is facelets compatible.

> Sounds good.   That's what I was planning on doing once someone else
> got the maven foundation in place.
> By the way, I came across the facelets maven location earlier:

Well it seems to be on ibilio as well.  This works for me:


> Don't need to do anything for t:popup -- at least the following is
> working fine for me.
>     <tag>
>         <tag-name>popup</tag-name>
>         <component>
>             <component-type>org.apache.myfaces.HtmlPopup</component-type>
>             <renderer-type>org.apache.myfaces.Popup</renderer-type>
>         </component>
>     </tag>

Duh!  I forgot to map the component in the facelet taglib.  If we
include this mapping in tomahawk.jar facelets will detect it
automatically?  I thought I remembered someone starting a config file
for this purpose.  If this is possible we should create such a config
file once we are 100% done with facelets compatability.


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