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From "Bruno Aranda" <>
Subject Re: general discussion about the climate in the project
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 11:53:40 GMT
Activity and users are increasing steadily [1], new committers have
been added and we have big changes ahead (implementation of JSF1.2,
integration with Trinidad, promotion of new fancy sandbox components,
bug fixing). The community is very lively, so I see this kind of
discussions as normal for the well-functioning of MyFaces and
open-source projects in general :)




On 8/23/06, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Hi Manfred maybe you are right, I just noticed a huge difference in tone
>  maybe caused by the lack of following the development.
> Not that I found anything offensive per se either, no insults etc...
> but I think the aggressiveness generally has become way worse.
> This often happens when people are overworked.
> Hence dropping the brainfood for everyone :-)
> Manfred Geiler schrieb:
> > Werner,
> > Glad to have you back and thanks for the "food".
> > Are you sure that you do not overstate this a little bit?
> > I followed many of the discussions and I did not find anything that
> > would frighten me. Yes, some things had happended that where not
> > correct. Vigilant community members commented on those mistakes (and
> > flaws). But I found no flames, no bashing, no offense. Just serious
> > discussions that happen on mailing lists from time to time.
> > I hope everyone is professional enough to bear controversial mails
> > that do not start with the words "I apologize that I must say..." or
> > do not end with "Just my 2 cents. Please do not hate me because of
> > what I just said". (Sorry for sarkasm)
> > Written language often sounds more rude than it was ment to be. That's
> > nothing new. You mentioned the problem that many of us are stressed by
> > their day jobs. This is another reason why emails are often short with
> > lack of phrases of politeness.
> >
> > Werner, don't get me wrong. I'm absolutely +1 to keep a climate where
> > everybody is happy to help out. But in the current case I think nobody
> > had a reason to be offended. Please object if I am wrong.
> >
> > Just my 2 cents. Please do not hate me because of what I just said.
> > :-)
> >
> > Manfred
> >
> >

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