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From "Igor Couto" <>
Subject SerializedViewCollection and State Management
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 13:27:32 GMT
Hi guys,

For some reason (developing a kind of ajax component with myfaces), i
have an UIViewRoot updated that won't have saved by StateManager,
because of setResponseComplete(that i call further):


UiViewRoot newView = context.getViewRoot();
//I can have a serializable view too... (i made a lot of tests)
StateManager.SerializedView newViewSerialized =
getSerializedView(context) //this get is a own method;

The saved view root:
JspStateManagerImpl impl = (JspStateManagerImpl)
UIViewRoot viewOld =

New view and oldView has component states different.

I try:
1) context.getApplication().getStateManager().writeState(context,newView);
2) impl.saveSerializedView(context);

But none works.

I know that's all the serializable views are on
ExternalContext.getSessionMap, but on the 1.1.3 the value is a
SerializedViewCollection (a protected class) so i cannot override the
values manually.

I really do need this, because a call (context.setResponseComplete),
so the states of the view are not updated by the default lifecycle.

If i call newView.processDecodes(context), the values are updated, but
the ActionEvent is called again.

Could anyone help me ?

Tks a lot!

Igor Couto
Delhi Consultoria

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