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From "Cagatay Civici" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move s:form to tomahawk
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2006 13:17:10 GMT

Mario: My whole idea is to reduce the necessary effort of myfaces users in
order to enable client side validation. My aim was to avoid additional tags
and use a context param to turn on/off client validation. Also with an
extended form renderer, decorate the onsubmit event and render scripts.

My initial experiments like;

and the shale's validation use a seperate component to render the client
script and users need to set the onsubmit event of the form manually to
check for validation. I always tried to avoid this but in the end I've
realized it is inevitable since people need to replace h:form with t:form.

It would absolutely be excellent if h:form of myfaces is allowed to render
the client validation scripts, then there is no need for a t:fom or any
additinal tag. Anyway, I've also done some work in sandbox some time ago;

That sounds also good to me Mario, to play with it a little longer until
these compatibility issues are hopefully resolved. We can also take care of
the client converter stuff there too. Also for now, onkeypress type
validations can be integrated.

Matthias: Yes, the project I'm working for uses ibm jsf, not my choice for



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