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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: Client Validation Design Discussion
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 21:38:05 GMT
On 7/12/06, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> Hi!
> > For one example, what if I download
> > a third-party validator, and want to add client-side validation
> > support to it?
> > So, +1 for an interface.
> I dont think this is the best use-case as you still have to change the
> original validator code (implement the interface).

No, you just need to subclass it to implement the
interface, and override the validator class using

To achieve this
> without the need to change the source - so to add a client validator to
> a validator you dont have the source or cant change it, it might be nice
> to have a pluggable thingy.
> Everyone brews its own soup here, as we can see ... but ok, I wont
> complain about a interface as it allows a better flexibility if we think
> we should provide a framework for others too.

> I'd also be -1 against being able to set it on an individual validator
> > level;  wait 'til someone says it is necessary, and justifies that
> > need.
> What do you mean by this? Do you mean we should NOT check if a validator
> implements this interface but simply assume its implements (even empty)
> on ValidatorBase?

No, I mean that you should check if a validator implements the interface.
But we shouldn't add client="true|false" to MyFaces validators unless it's
proven that this is useful.

> > Also, recognize that client-side validation is only half of the
> > picture;  you
> > also need client-side converters.
> Lets do this once needed. In fact, I hope Trinidad become a more
> integral part of MyFaces so that we can use Tomahawk and Trinidad and
> ... together :-)

How can you not need it?  Verifying that dates are correctly formatted is
really important, for example, and that's in converter land.  I'd even go
out on a limb and say that client converters are *more* important than
client validators.

-- Adam

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