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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: Upcoming Tomahawk Release
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 19:53:39 GMT
> I just placed tomahawk 1.1.3 in with core 1.1.3 .  I found that each formless commandLink
threw an exception.  I have not been following the tomahawk stuff as closely as I should -
I take it this was done in order to increase inter-operability?

Yes disallowing formless command link is necessary for use with the
RI.  I'm not the expert on this topic but those who have looked into
this tell me as much.

> If this is the plan, I think there are going to be a lot of confused developers - even
if the release announcement and the MyFaces home page warns about this.  Remember how many
messages there were even after Martin had specifically mentioned the last tomahawk release
could not be used with the older versions of MyFaces?

Yes release notes and website notes are a minimum but probably not sufficient.

> I don't want to hold up the tomahawk release, but I actually think a better logging would
be needed here.  It is especially difficult to track this down when the logs tell you to find
the control _idJsp0 .  Can we give the path to component, as well as a suggestion to change
h:commandLink to t:commandLink ?

No problem.  Can you add this code now?  If you can't do svn commit
just send your patch to this thread and someone will apply it to the

> Dennis Byrne


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