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From Arvid Hülsebus <>
Subject [tobago] announcement preparations
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 20:57:21 GMT
Hello Manfred,

Since there were no -1 votes, we thought the release was accepted. We
prepared everything and wrote an announcement email (see below). Can I
send it to the user list or would you prefer to do it yourself -- or
anyone else from the PMC?

Thanks in advance,

The MyFaces Tobago team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces
Tobago 1.0.7.

MyFaces Tobago 1.0.7 is available for download from:

This is the first release of Tobago under the wings of MyFaces and the
ASF. The version 1.0.7 is meant as a first stable release to build upon.
The changes include:


- Font of <tc:link> was not correct, if disabled="true"
- Tab panel in Richmond-Theme had scrollbars
- Exception when submitting form without actionId
- UITree lost config when rerendering view
- Could not set focus to text input in sheet
  control (Internet Explorer only)
- SelectManyRendererBase could not handle setters
- JavaScript error in <tc:sheet> when showHeader="false"


- Extended the tx taglib, so the label attribute of
  the tc taglib is no longer been used
- Combined the attributes label, labelWithAccessKey and accessKey
  to a single attribute label
- Visual indicator for marked nodes in <tc:tree>
- Simplified the theme handling
- Toolbar button should open drop down menu
- No exception, but warning in logfile, when using wrong count
  of columns in <tc:sheet>
- Sheet supports paging in DataModel if getRowCount() returns -1

New Features

- Facelets integration
- Support for sheet sorting by application

For a complete list please see:


Arvid Hülsebus

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