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From "Gerald Müllan" <>
Subject Re: dojo
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 08:14:38 GMT
Definitely +1 for b.)

It`s not that urgent to migrate as fast as we can to the newest dojo release.

Stability comes before having the newest stuff, especially when the
next stable release will
get out soon.



On 5/19/06, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Ok update, as it seems some serious issues have arisen with dojo 0.3.0
> (for instance go to the demo site with an ie and start the demo)
> The dojo guys want to make a bugfix release on may 31, so,
> I am open for both options although I prefer the safe route
> a) either go for 3.0 instantly and fix up our code in the sandbox (which
> also would mean that some stuff might not work until 31st on the ie)
> b) Wait a little bit longer and then directly opt for 31st and the 0.3.1
> release which is I must say at the current state of affairs my preferred
> option.
> I will leave the decision up to you since I know some people are eager
> to get dojo down into the core asap (which cannot happen before 0.3.1
> anyway as it seems but things delay the whole migration process a little
> bit)
> In the meantime, in any case I will do some upfront work regarding the
> dojo 0.3 migration and some documentation fixup on the dojoInitializer,
> performance improvement in the loading area etc..., so that things will
> be finished asap from my side and the core can be pushed into tomahawk
> once the 0.3 migration is done. I now have a little bit more time on my
> hands since two projects are mostly finished so expect more movement in
> this area in the future.

Gerald Müllan
Schelleingasse 2/11
1040 Vienna, Austria
0043 699 11772506

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