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From "Thomas Spiegl" <>
Subject Re: JSF 1.2 [was: Cancelled: JavaOne MyFaces Committers/Contributors meeting]
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 20:57:56 GMT
+1 for solving tomahawk 416, being incompatible to RI is a serious issue

Stan which 1.2 issues did you fix. Did you change any link renderers?
If not, i am
+1 for open a 1.2 branch

On 5/17/06, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Sean Schofield schrieb:
> > I'm -1 on the 1.2 branch.  There are major issues to be fixed in the
> > core right now.  (See TOMAHAWK-416 and related dev discussions.)  I
> > know that Stan is anxious but given the lack of interest in the core
> > trunk, its hard to imagine we have enough support to sustain this
> > branch.  Do we have firm committments from anyone else besides Stan?
> >
> +1 for a fork... the reason we need to get going asap and a fork helps.
> If we wait for another bunch of issues to be fixed, this will never end.
> Sorry to say that so harsh, but the time on 1.2 is really pressing,
> given that there wont be an option in jee to override the default JSF
> implementation via other libs in WEB-INF/lib like it was possible in JEE4


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