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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: idea regarding components
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 23:22:17 GMT
Mike Kienenberger schrieb:

> Werner, I don't see a problem with this for the sandbox.   In fact,
> this is how I do all of my component development -- first I write a
> facelets version (ie, no JSP tags or tld stuff), then, if I want to
> give the component a wider distribution audience, I go ahead and write
> the JSP stuff.
> I personally don't see anything wrong with letting someone else
> implement the JSP tag handler part if they want to use it with JSP.  
> "Scratch your own itch" and all that.   The JSP tag writing should be
> pretty mechanical (albeit boring) work.  Maybe we could write a script
> to generate them :)

Actually unfortunately martin pointed me towards a huge issue
why we cannot do it (yet)
facelets seem to be under CDDL, AFAIR this has not been cleared yet
if we can link to it has it?
What is the status regarding this.

I would not mind to move towards a facelet sandbox for more complicated 
stuff and easy components and if someone needs it for jsp, then... do 
the gruntwork or have codegens doing.

In the end all this would be one reason more to get rid of jsp :-D

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