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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: idea regarding components
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 18:39:14 GMT
On 4/18/06, Mike Kienenberger <> wrote:
> The JSP tag writing should be
> > >pretty mechanical (albeit boring) work.  Maybe we could write a script
> > >to generate them :)

On 4/18/06, Dennis Byrne <> wrote:
> > I think the Ora guys already have a generator for this ?

On 4/18/06, Mike Kienenberger <> wrote:
> That's a good point.  I think Adam Winer might have mentioned that.
> Probably should run this by the ADFFaces dev mailing list for
> confirmation.

And there is such a thing in ADFFaces that could be adapted:

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From: Adam Winer <>
Date: Apr 18, 2006 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: build files for creating JSP tag handlers/tlds?

Our base metadata is a faces-config.xml file - or, rather, a whole
bunch of mini-faces-config.xml files that are included together.

>From those faces-config.xmls, we generate UIComponents,
fancy tagdoc, tlds, JSP tag handlers, the "real" faces-config.xml,
and the Facelets .taglib.xml.  It can handle merging
in base, template implementations of the UIComponent, as
well as the parts of the TLDs and taglib.xml files that can't
be automatically generated. All this happens in Maven 2
plugins that run during the build.

Currently, the tools are built around generating components
that inherit from UIXComponentBase and JSP tag handlers
that inherit from UIXComponentTag, but that'd be a
straightforward thing to fix up, I think.

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