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Subject Re: idea regarding components
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 17:14:23 GMT
<head></head><body><table><tbody><tr><td colspan="2">What
you are describing is basically what Facelets does-- except it builds a static node tree instead
of compiled Java source.&nbsp; FYI, I've been working on Tomcat 6's Jasper compiler and
it *is* scary.<br><br><br></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="blue"
<div>&gt;From: "Adam Winer" &lt;; <br>&gt;<br>&gt;
On 4/18/06, Gary VanMatre wrote: <br>&gt; &gt; <br>&gt; &gt; &gt;From:
"Martin Marinschek" <br>&gt; &gt; <br>&gt; &gt; &gt; <br>&gt;
&gt; &gt; Facelets are faster - the JSP overhead goes with them. Adam quoted 14% <br>&gt;
&gt; &gt; speed gains by using Facelets. <br>&gt; &gt; &gt; <br>&gt;
&gt; <br>&gt; &gt; Is that metric a comparison of the time it takes to compile
a JSP versus <br>&gt; &gt; parsing the XML document or is that averaged out
over several invocations? <br>&gt; <br>&gt; This was averaged out over,
say, 1500 invocations, and after a warmup <br>&gt; invocation so that compilation
and parsing are not part of the <br>&gt; problem. I had some more recent benchmarks
were I got even larger <br>&gt; performance improvements. Plus, because Facelets
instances are <br>&gt; reused, they provide a *very* handy place to cache data structures,
<br>&gt; wh
 ich I'
m looking at taking advantage of to improve the performance of <br>&gt; component
assembly. <br>&gt; <br>&gt; If you were just talking the first request
for a given page, and <br>&gt; comparing compilation time in JSP versus Facelets
parsing, I'm <br>&gt; guessing the difference is more like 90%. I've never measured
it, but <br>&gt; "godawful slow versus blazingly fast" is a handy summary. ;) <br>&gt;
<div>Wow, That's outstanding!&nbsp; I've not tried to profile Clay but I'm pretty
sure it's </div>
<div>not in the same ball park.&nbsp; It has allot of caching but the symbols and
inheritance </div>
<div>resolution take some processing.</div>
<div>I've wondered why the JSP compiler was not retooled to build a component tree?</div>
<div>That would seem to be the place to take the rendered output of a non-faces</div>
<div>JSP tags and stuff it into a verbatim component versus the reprocessing of the</div>
<div>rendered markup looking&nbsp;for markers.&nbsp; I have to believe that
a retooled faces</div>
<div>jsp compiler would perform better since there wouldn't be any processing of </div>
<div>metadata.&nbsp;&nbsp;The logic would be hard wired to build&nbsp;a
specific&nbsp;component tree</div>
<div>within a servlet.&nbsp;&nbsp; But, at the same time,&nbsp;I'm sure
that if&nbsp;I looked&nbsp;at the code gen</div>
<div>for JSP,&nbsp;it would&nbsp;scare&nbsp;the pants off me&nbsp;and
I probably wouldn't be able to&nbsp;sleep </div>
<div>for weeks :--)</div>
<div><br>&gt; -- Adam </div>

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