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From "Martin Marinschek" <>
Subject Re: Ideas, Ideas!
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:00:44 GMT
Ah, I'm sure we'll find students to do this.

Even if we don't have (known) students willing to do this from the
beginning, we'll get a lot of responses online later on.

I had like 6 requests for each of last years proposals.
Important is that the student proposal is well written, detailed and
clear. Without a good proposal, you don't stand a chance as a student



P.S.: The work should be like 3 months - over the summer. You'll
probably have like 1 1/2 month core working time with the student, and
then before this there is getting up and running with open source,
JSF, MyFaces and whatever there is you have to learn until this is
possible at all; after the core time there is testing, bugfixing,
documentation, etc.

For mentors, it depends on how much you want to invest. I had to
invest like two hours a week last summer.

On 4/19/06, Matthias Wessendorf <> wrote:
> > "Merging the skinning systems of ADF Faces, Tobago and Tomahawk"
> >
> > "Merging the layouting system of Tobago with Tomahawk and ADF Faces"
> any of your students are willing to go ? :-)
> -Matthias


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