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From "Martin Marinschek" <>
Subject Re: Just committed an Ajax Listener component
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 00:36:51 GMT
What I remember, the ADF-Faces partials allow an m:n relationship
between triggers and updated components/regions.

Is that the same here?



On 4/7/06, Travis Reeder <> wrote:
> Basicallys lets a component listen for events on another component, all via
> ajax.
> Sample usage on inputAjax.jsp.
>      <s:outputText value="#{inputAjaxBean.waitingText2}">
>         <s:listener on="formText2"/>
>     </s:outputText>
> Only works with the sandbox OutputText right now, but after I get some
> feedback and discussion on it, I figure it would be nice to have across the
> board.  It's a bit more functional than the ADF partial triggers because it
> *will* be able to support different event types (onChange currently) and
> different actions (update currently, but will could support other actions
> including calling an arbitrary javascript).
> Any feedback appreciated.  And thoughts about applying this to all MyFaces
> components?
> Travis


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